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Welcome – Globalizing the Liberal Arts – Holloway Remarks
Remarks – Globalizing the Liberal Arts – Lewis – In Asia, for the World
Remarks – Globalizing the Liberal Arts – Deresiewicz – Reading, Writing & Thinking
Presentation – Globalizing the Liberal Arts – Schneider – Liberal Education for World Lived in Common
Article – Schneider – AACU President’s Message: Making Excellence Inclusive
Remarks – Globalizing the Liberal Arts – Hill – Low requirement liberal arts colleges

Yale-NUS College Curriculum
The Common Curriculum is an essential part of the academic life at Yale-NUS. Courses are created to be multi-disciplinary and to drive critical, creative and active thinking. The Common Curriculum engineered at Yale-NUS includes the following:

Comparative Social Institutions
Modern Social Thought

Foundations of Science
Scientific Inquiry

Historical Immersion
Literature and Humanities

Philosophy and Political Thought
Quantitative Reasoning

Yale-NUS College Curriculum Report (April 2013)

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